Benu Berlin


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Sustainable Fashion is gaining more and more attention. We are happy to be part of the story!

The Neukölln-based label Benu Berlin is creating unique pieced challenging the boarders between fashion and art, praising the value of craftsmanship. For their creations, Benu Berlin uses recycled materials like leather or denim, a process they call upcycling.

Make Love, not Fashion

„Make Love Not Fashion“ is the motto and engine of Benu Berlin. The young label demonstrates a new kind of fashion by utilizing its work for the strengthening of conscious lifestyle and design. In the atelier in Berlin Neukölln, beside wearable art, upcycling-workshops and projects are being developed in cooperation with enthusiasts, artists and designers. in 2014 the label was awarded with the Eco-Chic Design Award, Hong Kong and this year it won the mentoring program of the German Fashion Council.

Bennu from the Egyptian mythology, also known as the ’phoenix that rises from the ashes’, is reborn full of strength and youth. This powerful creature forms the inspiration for the label Benu Berlin. The Vision is to reintegrate the tailoring craft in Berlin and to show a diagonal proposition on fashion for a conscious way of consumption. Therefore Benu Berlin focuses on extraordinary techniques and material manipulation which transform street-wear into wearable artworks.