Our Mission

Originally coming from a fashion PR background, Press Factory has developed into a full-service communications agency over the past 15 years. Nowadays we also offer advice on all aspects of marketing and brand development. Always with public relations in our hearts.

Based in Berlin, the place to be and hub for all things fashion, music, art, film and media, we  are successfully using our expertise for a wide-ranging, selected spectrum of German and international premium and lifestyle brands.

Generic storytelling and mediatization skills (online and offline)
are the most important challenges faced by companies today. We have therefore built up a creative studio to develop strategies and concepts and come up with unexpected surprises for their clients every single time.

Disruptive business needs a new way of thinking and also creative destruction on the agency’s side.

That’s why we have developed a digital mentoring process to empower companies to develop and implement their brand strategy and digital identity on their own. And they often combine this service with brand & product consulting.

We are fearless, off -beat, independent and free-willed.

Our decades of experience might make us experts, with the best contacts to the media and influencers, with a large and competent network of partners. But at the end of the day it’s the people and our personal relationships with them in all areas that give us our competitive edge. Understanding the client, their brand and their target group is our goal. Working for them strategically, conceptually and creatively is our approach. And entering into a personal relationship with them forms the basis of our success.
This is why we work with:

Maximum passion in a
strategic  yet tactical,
structured  yet flexible and
visionary yet grounded way.

Luiza Philipp
Mandie Bienek