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PRESS FACTORY – Public Relations
Press Factory just founded


The magic of Influential Personalities

My digital life media connects national and international influencersand celebrities from music, sports and entertainment with Brands. A 360° Influencers, social media, communications . PERSONALLY, DIGITALLY AND EMOTIONALLY.

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As excellent Branding is the most important promise of trust to your community. Storytelling and vibrant content create a powerful connection and an engaging relationship that reveals truths worth sharing and therefor renders the romantic facade of advertising obsolete.

Blogger relations and influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a powerful new force in the PR sector. From macro to micro, from mainstream to special interest:

We broker and manage a bespoke panel of bloggers and social media influencers to deliver against your campaign objectives.

Digital Activation & Social Media are core elements of a successful PR mix as well as stand-alone strategies, depending on your products and customers. Together with our influencer team we can help you reaching an even bigger audience with a more focussed targeting. We can help you set up an manage you own channels, boost your reach with ads campaigns, analyze the performance and support you with creative content.

Our expertise is available to you an a day-to-day basis, as well as in workshops, mentorings and ongoing consulting. Because PR is one of the most effective brand-building disciplines and because the generic storytelling and mediatization skills are the most important challenges of our time. Our Creative Studio develops strategies, concepts and executions, either alone or with a network of experts, and comes up with unexpected surprises every single time. Still, our strong fashion, trend and lifestyle skills mean our work with some clients even starts with the product.

From exclusive VIP-dinners to guerilla stunts: When thinking about PR strategies, you should keep the value of doing live, offline events in mind. This is the natural brick and mortar for creating a community and to tell your story face to face.

Our biannual press days are a perfect opportunity to make an impression on journalists, bloggers, vloggers and celebrities who drop by our showrooms in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich to view the latest collections.

If you are planning to launch a new brand or product, you need an effective public relations strategy to tell the world about your new baby.  When it comes to choosing powerful PR tactics, you have more choices today than ever before. We help you to find the best ways to leverage PR to make sure that your launch is a great success.

As brand collaborations with influencers and VIPs become an increasingly effective way for brands to connect with consumers, outlining expectations (campaign schedules, payments, content requirements, usage rights, etc) is part of our job to ensure that the partnership is beneficial and executed well for all parties involved.

We see ourselves as conductors in a fashionable lifestyle world, in a space between digital and analog communications. We ensure that our clients understand new potential channels, are connected with the right influencers and manage the everyday communication with editors, journalists and stylists for you. We help you build a community of passionate multipliers and consumers.


(duration: 0,5 day)

Discover the full potential of working with us. Our experts from our different departments discuss strategic angles and brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions together with you. For the full 360 degree perspective!

(duration: 1 day)

What is your story? And how do you tell it? This workshop challenges every approach, every channel and every step to sharpen your message. Together with our brand and media experts we help you make your brand shine!

(duration: 2 hours)

Maybe time is scarce or traveling is not an option. As much as we would like to meet you in person, we also offer the full range of our workshops and consulting services via short and effective online conferencing.

(duration: 1 day)

Special challenges require custom solutions! Our Deep Dive Workshops & Trainings are tailored to your needs. Whether it is a market launch, a new influencer strategy or a new product category: Together we dive deep into the matter to develop a 360 degree approach.

(duration: 1-2 hours)

Straightforward, honest and direct: When it comes to improving the effectiveness of your activities we will give you a hard time! We will analyze everything you do and present you with our unfiltered opinion and quick steps for improvement. Results guaranteed!

(duration: 3-6 months)

We have set up a mentoring process to empower companies to manage their digital channels themselves. Through hands-on workshops, support and supervision we guide your team towards a more effective digital activation that represents the standards and messages of your brand. The aim is to transfer our knowledge to your employees.





Fashion & Beauty

Our roots lie in fashion, which is also one of our true passions! As one of the first PR agencies to specialise in fashion…

Mobility & Tech

Whenever tech brands want to take a lifestyle approach, we are their number one choice! In a time when products are becoming…

Accessoires & Watches

In no other area of PR is know-how as important as in the watch and jewellery industry. Especially when luxury is …

Sustainability & Heritage

Design that is not just a trend, but a lasting statement, products that are built to last for many years…

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail PR is a challenge we embrace wholeheartedly! After all, no other industry has had to face as many new challenges…

Living & Home

Our roots lie in the world of fashion but home décor and interior design are also a part of this. Whether product design…

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Back in 2001, PRESS FACTORY was one of the first fashion PR agencies in Germany. Today we are a full-service PR agency that acts as a 360° communications agency. Combining PR with marketing, we are like a bridge and a one-stop shop. Big players benefit from newcomers and vice versa. We live with trends as well as the mainstream and integrate both future thinking and conventional perspectives. We create, communicate, influence and consult.

We are the co-founders of the fashion distribution agency anotherproject.

``Disruptive business needs a new way of thinking and also creative destrucion on the agency's side.``

Luiza Philipp